"When crawling to the summit, I saw a person emerge from the mist. A disfigured man in a tattered robe drew two cards from his sleeve and laid them on the slab between us. 'The Magician' and 'The Devil' were pictured in a vibrant color illustration. As I stared intensely at the cards, the man shuffled over to a faded green jukebox between two ancient pillars. He made a selection and some music began. It had an eerie, hypnotic quality to it. Melodies cycled together in a warped assemblage of modes ranging from Anglo folk and basement jazz to some late night Pagan gospel set. Moments of ethereal beauty blended into nightmare tones and possessed invocations. It suggested a deep mystery and as I listened, the figures on the cards moved and staggered across the rocks. The mist enveloped me and turned violet. When I awoke, I was back at the base of the summit. Laying next to me were the cards and an LP album that was the music from the green jukebox. It was called 'Magician/Le Diable' by an artist named White Gourd. I have returned to it over and over again as I light various colored candles in my apartment and muse on the inherent strangeness at play, always and forever."
Carlos Gonzalez, Wasp Video Roadhouse

- Cover art design and printing by Grant Corum
- Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk
Hermit La Lune 

"Suzanne Stone is known for her abrasive sax & voice in the esoteric jazz trio Million Brazilians, however she approaches her unique solo performances as White Gourd from a very different angle often involving dreamy saxophone, neo-Nico vocals and haunting key textures as a ritual tapestry of tarot-influenced blessings. 'Hermit La Lune', her latest LP on Psychic Sounds, contains a very eerie spectral landscape from which sings spells of solitude and seasonal cycles over waves of bells, water animal wails, sword sharpening and etheric piano work seamlessly through this timeless witchy advancement. Highly Recommended!"

-Limited Edition pressing of 300 with silver laced screen printed cover by Psychic Sounds Records
Mastered by Golden

Temperance / The Empress (XIV)

Temperance is a self-released tape cassette of both
the Temperance (XIV) and Empress (III) cards
in an edition of 50 for the White Gourd west coast tour.

Unprotected Sax

Harsh and hypnotic recordings documenting the Death Card (XIII).  Includes a Throbbing Gristle cover of 'We Hate You Little Girls'!

-Released as a limited edition tape cassette by Karamazov Tapes